Detected Off Coast of Canada

“Radioactive Cesium-137 from Fukushima Now Detected Off Coast of Canada”

Article by David Gutierrez. September 2015.

Important Points:

  • Radioactive elements found 100 miles off the California coast.
  • According to a 2013 study by the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Norway, the main part of the radioactive ocean plume from the Fukushima disaster is likely to hit the North American west coast in 2017, with maximum concentrations of radioactivity arriving in 2018.
  • According to Tokyo Electric Power Company(TEPCO), at least 2 trillion Becquerels worth entered the Pacific just between August 2013 and May 2014.
  • They detected cesium-134 at levels of 1.4 Becquerels per cubic meter, and cesium-137 at levels of 5.8 Becquerels per cubic meter.
  • A Becquerel is a unit of radioactivity. ¬†Shortly after the Fukushima meltdowns, Japanese coastal waters tested at 50 million Becquerels per cubic meter.