Radiation Loving Algae Comes to Japan’s Rescue

“Radiation Loving Algae Comes to Japan’s Rescue. ¬†Government Grants are Financing Research into Using Algae Harvesting Technology as a New Approach to Radiation Remediation.”

Article by David Worthington. November 2012.

Important Points:

  • Riggs Eckelberry, president and CEO of California-based start-up OriginOil. ¬†Eckelberry said the company, which makes solutions for renewable energy and treating wastewater, was selected by the Research Institute of Tsukuba Bio-tech to build up to 100 algae production sites in Japan via government financing.
  • Radiation rapidly diluted in the ocean, but is a nettlesome problem on the land because rainwater will re-contaminate fields even after topsoil has already been cleared.
  • If OriginOil’s proof of concept proves successful, algae could become an effective remediation approach.
  • Eckelberry noted that Japan is willing to spend whatever it takes to eliminate the radiation threat.